Music leaded me around the globe and the privilege to play in front of all the people, in Clubs, Bars, Discos, Halls and on Festivals kept me doing for almost 50 years, what I love to do and living for. Now, the time of touring for weeks with a Band, is over for me. But I‘ll keep working in Studios, will release new Music, writing new Songs and be sometimes, somewhere on stage, for shure. Informations about my History, Work, Music and ne next projects you‘ll find, if you click the Buttons on my Homepage. I thank you all! Pete Largo (Guitarplayer, Vocalist, Songwriter & Anarchist)
      to my world of Modern electric Blues              & more
Contact: Wonderline Records - Ostring 26 a - 31311 Uetze - Phone - +49 (0)160 9583 6032 (Office)
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