History 1979 - 2014 _______________________________________________________________________________________

In 1979 Pete Largo started his first own group, The DOWN-TOWN BLUESBAND, which became the top blues band in Berlin during the early eighties. It was a hot band. The band recorded one album, did a lot of concerts in clubs, halls and festivals all over Berlin, like Quasimodo, Metropol, Tempodrom etc. and West-Germany. Some radio shows and very good press also helped to make The DOWN-TOWN BLUESBAND known nationally.

The musicians were: 
James Trimble (vocals), Uwe Eisenuth (bass), Wolfram Wahner (keyboards) , Jakob Peter (drums), Sigmar Reimer (guitar) and Pete Largo, on guitar.



Wolfram left the Band after two years and they decided to work work without a Keybordplayer. The music became now more rough, but pure, straight feeling...the people loved it.            

In March 1985 the band played it's last gig in the legendary "Quartier Latin" in West Berlin. Whenever they performed there it was always packed, and a lot of musicians still have fond memories of the owners, Manne Sass and his wife Christa. They remain in the hearts of many musicians all over the world, and will not easily be forgotten. _________________________________________________________________________________________________   
In 1986 Pete Largo was honoured by the German Bundespräsident for previous work on the music scene in Germany. During the first half of the eighties he organized  many events and festivals in the city and and leaded also some other projects for the departement of culture in Berlin. Pete still feel very happy about, that he had the possibility to be a part of the movements in the "Wall-City" in the eighties. 
In need of new input and inspiration, in 1987 Pete Largo moved to Portugal. He still often plays some of the songs he wrote during this time and a big part of his heart is still beating for this country. 

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