always at Pete's side, his best friend Balou, a friendly, handsome giant. Balou left the planet 09.01.2006, after nine years they have been always together. on tour, at home and everywhere, in good and bad times. all are missing him, luna his wife, Pete's family, all his friends and specially Pete by himself.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


The last CD "Between Love &  Separation" recordet 2006 by Holger Buhr at the "db media" Studio. 

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Peter Toppe                                           Micha Brunkhorst                         Winnie Görg                              Andreas Larisch ________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Pete Largo & Band 2005

This Formation splittet after one year, because of marriage, health and professionell reasons, but during that time the first pre-productions has been done, with the songs, which Pete Largo recordet later with the musicians on the CD "Between Love & Separation", you can see above.

from left: Ruben di Renzo, Rolf Eutenheuer, Pete Largo, Dimitri Kladt



Cipriano Sagheddu, Drums   Cipriano is sometimes on stage in Germany with Pete Largo & Band. He is the leader of a sucsessfull drum-scool, charming both children and adults with this unusual kind of teaching music. His creative, powerfull performance on drums is on a high level. his parents came from Sardenha to Germany and you can feel his latin power any second during a concert. It is just power with feeling. 

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